Got a show coming up? A workshop? Advertising on the Lava Dome gets you in front of a very targeted arts-involved membership. Thinking of offering an arts worker rate? Advertise it here! EVERYONE reading the Lava Dome is an arts worker.

Advertising on the site is based on duration - ads are purchased by the week.
Rates are:
- $28+HST per week for banner ads, 770 x 180px
- $35+HST per week for sidebar ads, 370 x 450px


500 Lava Dome Advertising Points, which are accumulated by you AND given to you by other members if you login and register under I WANT YOUR POINTS!

The Lava Dome site loads current ads in to the advertising spaces on a rotating basis. Volcano limits the number of ads in rotation at any given time to 10. Each time a new page loads on the site, new ads will also load, so the more searching that a user conducts on the site, the more frequently your ad will be seen by the user.

If you would like to place an advertisement on the Lava Dome, please contact Meredith Potter at



The Lava Dome is a resource listings managed by Volcano Theatre in Toronto. We're a not-for-profit arts organization trying to do good things for our community. As such, we have no tolerance for:

Hate / Violence / Discrimination
You know what we mean, and it's 100% not okay.

Messing up people's places and property, misrepresenting yourself and your offerings, being misleading, impolite, and disrespectful to other members of the arts community... don't be THAT person.

Abusing the Service
The Lava Dome's purpose is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Don't mess with the system, don't post stuff that doesn't fall under one of the four categories.

We have a small staff, limited resources, and no time to moderate bad behaviour or listen to excuses. If you violate any of the terms of this service, you'll lose your membership. End o' story.

Be good to each other and do good things.

- The Volcano Team

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