Volcano is an international award-winning theatre company based in Toronto. Our mission is to create outward-looking, relevant art, which is rigorously made for live audiences in Canada and abroad.

At Volcano, we see our role as a connector, bringing experts in various practices together; and an ambassador, presenting an idea of Canada to the world. We explore compelling social and artistic territories in innovative ways, moving across cultural and national borders to forge partnerships, and to create stories.

The Lava Dome is an idea that grew out of a long-standing Volcano service that has been central to our mandate: The Housing List.

The Housing List was – and is – a newsletter for members of the arts community that contains listings for short-term and longer-term apartment rentals, sublets, house swaps, house sitting, and billeting. The Housing List has existed for more than a decade, and is exclusively for – and created from posts submitted by – artists, arts workers, arts service providers, and arts organizations. This exclusivity is the key to its success. We're a community, and we're accountable to one another.

Through the Housing List, Volcano strives to bring artists together, to connect them to the resources (physical and social) that they're looking for. In doing so, we facilitate the movement of artists around the city, across the country, and over international borders.

After more than 10 successful years, we figured it was time to give the Housing List a home of its own.

The Lava Dome takes that original idea and expands the service to offer useful, timely information and services for the arts community. Art is about connection: connecting ideas, connecting skills, connecting people. By creating a platform for some of our community's most basic needs – homes, resources, creation space, professional development – in a format that is easy to search and understand, we hope to help connect you with the people and resources you need the most.

Happy Browsing.