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The Lava Dome is a free service by and for members of the arts community in Toronto, Canada, and around the world. You must be an artist, an arts worker, a fine arts student, or a volunteer in the arts to sign up: that exclusivity is a big part of our success. We're accountable to each other, because we work with each other.

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The Lava Dome is managed by Volcano Theatre, based in Toronto. For more information about our company, artists, and productions, please visit

  1. Please submit a link to a webpage that has YOUR NAME LISTED ON IT - i.e. a company’s site on which you are credited for your role in/on a work; your own website that promotes you and your work; or an industry directory site (IMDb, For the sake of the human being who vets your registration, please do not just list the landing page (i.e, and make them search through an entire site looking for you. That makes that human being grumpy. Please list the EXACT page on which your name appears.
  2. Do not use your social media sites - Facebook pages, Twitter handles, Instagram - here. They do not provide the information and verification we’re looking for.
  3. The link must be a valid web address, including "http://“.
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The Lava Dome is a resource listings managed by Volcano Theatre in Toronto. We're a not-for-profit arts organization trying to do good things for our community. As such, we have no tolerance for:

Hate / Violence / Discrimination
You know what we mean, and it's 100% not okay.

Messing up people's places and property, misrepresenting yourself and your offerings, being misleading, impolite, and disrespectful to other members of the arts community... don't be THAT person.

Abusing the Service
The Lava Dome's purpose is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Don't mess with the system, don't post stuff that doesn't fall under one of the four categories.

We have a small staff, limited resources, and no time to moderate bad behaviour or listen to excuses. If you violate any of the terms of this service, you'll lose your membership. End o' story.

Be good to each other and do good things.

- The Volcano Team

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